20 Best AB Workouts at the Gym and at home

Are you thinking of the best ab workouts at the gym? Many exercises can lead to six pack abs, but not all of them are equally effective. We have essential tips and the best abdominal training, whether at home or in the gym

Do you finally want to fulfill your dream of having a six-pack this summer? Then you have to prepare for hard work and discipline, but they will definitely pay off! Because a strong core not only looks good, but also supports your posture through strong core muscles . You will find out which health benefits you can achieve most quickly with which top abdominal exercises if you read on.



What does abdominal training do for me?

The bad news first: abdominal training alone does not guarantee six-pack abs. The body fat percentage plays a crucial role in revealing this, as does your diet and a good amount of exercise: in contrast to your carbohydrate intake, this cannot be big enough.

Nevertheless, a workout specifically for the middle is essential. Finally, strong abdominal muscles protect you from severe back pain. Like that? By having the front muscles relieve the strain on the back muscles when it comes to lifting heavy things,. When tense, the pressure in the abdominal cavity increases, which distributes the load across the back. The abdominal muscles also form a protective shield for the internal organs. The stronger, the better the protection. People who sit a lot also benefit, because the upper body muscles become slack from constantly doing nothing, which you notice in shortening, tension, and bad posture.


Only if your abdominal and back muscles are in the same trained relationship to one another will they keep your torso in a balanced position – good for the perfect performance. Last but not least, trained abs bring the statics of the pelvis into position. That can never hurt, because their job is to transfer power between the upper and lower bodies. In short: your performance will be better all around with abdominal training.

What abdominal muscles are there?

Your abdominal muscles are actually not a group of six, but rather a tight quartet: There are the transverse (4), oblique (2 and 3), and rectilinear (1) abdominal muscles. The abbreviation “Abs” refers to the rectus abdominis muscle (reect abdominal muscle), the external oblique abdominal muscle, the internal oblique abdominal muscle, and the transversus abdominis muscle (abdominal muscle).

And what about the top and bottom? Strictly speaking, this classification is nonsense, because it refers to the upper and lower parts of the rectus abdominal muscles. This makes up the largest visual part of a six-pack. Anyone who thinks, “OK, abdominal exercises aren’t really my thing anyway, so I’ll just concentrate on the front part” will unfortunately have to be disappointed. Only when all areas have been shaped in a balanced ratio (and the fat layer above is no longer visible) will it work with the six in the mirror image.

Which abdominal training is the most effective?

Quite simply: the one you actually do regularly. With full commitment and the correct technique. If this is the case, you should also incorporate static exercises in addition to dynamic ones. Why? This provides new stimuli, brings variety, and prepares you for the tasks in everyday life that the abdominal muscles do. For example, getting out of bed without using your hands is a (hopefully) dynamic story. However, if you have to watch the monkeys eat in the zoo for hours with your (sponsored) child on your shoulders, your core muscles should be able to withstand static stress. Otherwise, you will eventually give off a similar image to the animals behind the window. Think about this How to Lose Weight Fast Naturally and Permanently

Do I need equipment for abdominal training?

Movements that train the core of the body can be carried out anytime, anywhere. Your own body weight is enough, and the choice of exercises is large – especially if you are creative. For example, tuck your feet under the edge of the bed to do a few sit-ups or hang from the nearest climbing frame to do some leg raises.

However, as with any other training, new stimuli are required over time. In other words, if you don’t want to end up with 500 repetitions at some point, it’s worth adding a kettlebell or medicine ball for advanced athletes . A large weight plate also intensifies the effect. However, please only use it once the technology is correct. And of course, it can’t hurt to use the cable tower in the gym either. Variety is everything, and it guarantees that you reach all areas of the abdominal muscles. However, crunch machines shouldn’t be your first choice – they take too much work off of you and your muscles, which minimizes the training effect.

The 20 best abdominal exercises in the world

Don’t panic, it’s not time to do them all in a row now. Depending on where you are – on a business trip or in the gym at home – 5 exercises are used. Why so many? In addition to your stomach, you should always train the opponent of your front muscles – the back. This will help you avoid imbalances and make you look better. For example, men with weak lower abdominal muscles tend to quickly slump. The stomach looks bigger even though it isn’t. It is also advisable to do something to ensure that the layer of fat that is actually present over the abdominal muscles disappears.

These 5 exercises expose the fat above the six pack abs

The bacon has to go! Just where? Preferably in the muscles, where the fat is sufficiently metabolized. For this to happen, the load should be clearly noticeable; high weights are required. A barbell helps you pack on a lot of weight – first in terms of weight plates, then in terms of mass.

1. Squats: – best ab workouts at the gym without equipment
Preferably with a loaded barbell on your shoulders: In addition to body tension from the middle, this classic exercise requires many large muscles and therefore burns a lot of energy.

2. Barbell rowing
Triggers the entire back muscles plus arms.

3. Shoulder press with barbell and squats
The stomach does all the stabilization work while enormous amounts of energy are liquefied.

4. Bench press with barbell
It shapes the large chest muscles and therefore also requires a lot of calories.

5. Barbell
deadlift Trains the entire body.

The 5 best bodyweight abdominal exercises

Movements with your own body weight go into depth. The transverse abdominal muscles near the spine are always at the start, so you can maintain your position and not fall over.

1. Crunches: – best abs workout at home without equipment
Get the rectus abdominal muscles to burn.

2. Bicycle crunches
With this variation, you hit the side abdominal muscles in any position.

3. Forearm support
The plank challenges your body tension and strengthens the entire core muscles.

4. Side forearm support
Because it was so nice, the support follows again to the side, so you have to balance even more and challenge your deep muscles.

5. Superman – best ab workouts at the gym
Likes to be dynamic with swimming movements, offers crucial support for the abdominal muscles.

The 5 most effective abdominal exercises to do at home

Exercises with free weights increase the training stimulus for the core muscles. Stability is also required here in order to demonstrate the correct technique.

1. Barbell Rolls
This exercise is only for professionals who can protect their backs with excellent body tension.

2. Forearm support on Swiss ball with arm circles
Show your core from its strongest side.

3. Reverse folding knives to the side on the Swiss Ball
It can be wobbly and coordination-challenging, because your deep muscles benefit from it. In addition, you are, of course, demanding the lateral abdominal muscles.

4. Bridge on the Swiss Ball

Gives more static throughout the entire torso.

5. Kettlebell swings
train the back and require maximum stability from the stomach.

The 5 strongest abdominal exercises in the gym

Intense stimuli, through the support of (small) devices – turn you into a machine too.

1. Alternating leg tightening with a sling system
noticeably challenges the straight abdominal muscles.

2. Alternate leg raises crosswise on the pull-up bar
. Your love handles will soon be history.

3. Folding knife with sling system
Calls on the deepest abdominal muscles to work.

4. Reverse forearm support
Provides deep support. Tip: Place your heels on a balance board to deepen the effect on the stabilizing muscles.

5. Classic pull-ups – best ab workouts at the gym
Strengthen your entire core by pulling yourself up with a lot of body tension.

How long should an abdominal workout last?

It depends on your job and your attitude toward life. There are those guys, like boxing legend Muhammad Ali, who only start counting after the 100th crunch. However, if you want to do other things in addition to training your stomach, just 3 abdominal exercises, which you repeat 10 to 12 times in 2 to 3 sets, are enough. Choose yours from our recommendations. You can either add this to your normal training or do it on 2 to 3 days of the week, either in the morning when you get up or in the evening before you get on the couch . As a reminder: regularity is what counts, and don’t forget your back muscles! You should also vary the exercises regularly.

When will I see the first successes?

A bit of patience is required when engaging in the best ab workouts at the gym. Depending on the thickness of the fat layer over the abdominal muscles, a few weeks may pass. In addition, unfortunately, not every man is able to shine with a clearly visible six-pack – even though the body fat percentage is below 10 to 15 percent. Because the distribution of white muscle fibers is crucial,. If there are many in the abdominal area, this can be clearly seen with appropriate training. However, insufficient occurrences are rare, so don’t give up before you get started.

Conclusion – best ab workouts at the gym

Doing the best ab workouts at the gym is not enough. If success takes a long time, check your diet: fast food and cakes are a big deal. It’s better to switch to high-protein, low-fat foods. Small sins are compensated for by intensive cardio training. Even those who have been clinging to your core for a long time. However, the corresponding units have to make you really sweat.


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