The 5 most popular physical fitness activities to stay in shape

physical fitness activities

No more boredom and boring workouts in the gym: the most popular physical fitness activities among friends for indoor and outdoor fitness.

After or before a strenuous day at work or simply in your free time, do you sometimes long for a workout that gives you energy? But you can’t motivate yourself for a classic gym session or do you tend to quickly fall into a motivational slump? A workout buddy or a varied training plan with appropriate goals can work wonders.


Less excuses, more action!

If you’re looking for an invigorating workout that will give you new energy after a hard day at work, then you’ve already taken the first step in the right direction. But inhibitions and excuses often get in the way when it comes to motivating yourself on your own. Here’s the solution: Meet up with friends and suddenly the alternatives disappear. The temptation to shirk is less when you know someone is counting on you. Studies show that training together with friends not only increases motivation, but also increases the chances of success. The mutual support in the group provides an additional boost of motivation that is often missing when you train alone. An encouraging “Come on, you can do it!” or sharing goals and betting on who will reach their desired goal first can work wonders.

Why exercise at all?

But why should you get out into the fresh air and exercise more often?
Well, here are four good reasons that the study found:

  • First, outdoor activities not only strengthen your muscles but also your immune system. Constant exposure to various environmental factors, such as temperature fluctuations and changing weather conditions, trains your body to better deal with challenges.
  • Secondly , the fresh air calms your nervous system and can significantly improve your sleep quality. A short walk or yoga outside can do wonders for sleep problems.
  • Third, the sun gives you vitamin D, which plays a key role in many body functions, from strengthening bones and muscles to regulating blood pressure and promoting overall well-being.
  • Lastly, exercising in nature can help prevent many illnesses, from mental illness to heart problems.

The Top 5 Physical Fitness Activities:

1. Let go of stress with a workout in nature

The DoGet app data shows that most users have this activity at the top of their list. So how about you and your friends go for a short run or do some bodyweight training in the park? You can support each other, train together and not only get physically active, but also spend time together. Nature also presents you with a variety of sporting options that allow you to improve your physical fitness naturally.
Get inspired when it comes to outdoor training !


2. Jog together through the nearest park

Jogging in the park is still pretty popular, although it has 15% fewer followers than the all-time favorite nature workout.
And here’s the extra incentive: Jogging increases fat burning and helps build muscle in the lower body, resulting in firmer legs and a toned butt. If you need extra motivation, how about a running buddy? Invite a friend and run one or more laps together in the nearest park, because jogging together not only increases the fun, but also helps you find the ideal pace. You know you’re at the right pace when you can converse effortlessly. With every run together, you will both make progress and improve your performance.

3. Get your pedometer to 20,000 steps

Compared to first place, the joint march may have about 20% fewer fans, but the high level of enthusiasm shows that many people still love the activity. Grab your pedometer, your buddy and let’s go – keep going until you set a new record. Achieving challenging goals together gives you an incredible sense of achievement!

Climbing steep hills together and mastering tricky terrain passages brings you together and creates deep bonds. Such adventures will create memories that you and your friends will laugh and talk about for a long time. There are also numerous breathtaking places in Germany where you can enjoy such epic hiking experiences.

4. Start the day with an intense CrossFit workout at sunrise

Although being rated about a quarter less popular compared to leading outdoor activities, CrossFit still achieved a high spot in the rankings. This could be because CrossFit is suitable for almost everyone. The workouts aim to mix it all up: balance, coordination, agility, accuracy, strength, flexibility, power, stamina and speed – you get the full package. Training in a group and starting the day with a sweat promises an unbeatable combination.

5. Take on new challenges with a HIIT workout

At the end of the list is the HIIT workout with a rating of around 70%. HIIT outdoors and with friends adds an extra dose of fun and motivation to your workout.


Engaging in physical fitness activities positively impacts cardiovascular health by strengthening the heart, muscle strength by enhancing metabolism and functional abilities, and overall well-being by reducing stress, improving sleep, and increasing energy levels. Regular exercise is a powerful tool for achieving a healthier, happier life.


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