Top 5 Fastest Fat Burning Exercises

fat burning exercises at home

In these Top 5 Fastest Fat Burning Exercises, you will learn how to get rid of fat in fifteen minutes. “Finally, get rid of the excess pounds!” Isn’t this the first time this resolution has been on your list, but it keeps failing because you don’t have enough time? Stop the excuses! Finally, there are these 5 extremely effective fast fat burning exercises to quickly burn 100 calories (i.e., about 1 Duplo) in less than a quarter of an hour.

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Of course, it must be noted that calorie consumption is different for each person. This is not only related to weight and body size but, above all, to the intensity with which the individual exercises are carried out. Our 5 best fat burner exercises to burn 100 calories quickly are based on the values ​​of a man who is around 1.80 meters tall and weighs 85 kg.

Which exercises burn the most calories?

1. Fat burning in just 9 minutes: with burpees

Burpees, which almost sound cute, are actually extremely strenuous, and that’s exactly why they’re great for burning 100 calories in a very short time. Here’s how it works: Burpees are a bodyweight exercise that combines push-ups and jumps in direct order. Jump explosively upwards from a shoulder-width position and swing your arms towards the ceiling. After landing, you smoothly transition into the push-up. The important thing is to go deep! Then push yourself back up with your arms and pull your legs towards your chest, and then come back to standing.

This fat-burning exercise is sweaty but effective. After 9 minutes (without a break), you have already burned around 100 calories. The number of repetitions varies between 100 and 130 burpees, depending on your fitness level. Breaks are extremely important, especially for beginners; otherwise, your circulation will quickly run out.

2. Burn 100 calories in just 12 minutes with barbell deadlifts

This exercise has an unfair reputation for being harmful to the back. The opposite is true if you approach it correctly. Done correctly, barbell deadlifts (also known as deadlifts) not only strengthen your back and leg muscles but also burn a lot of calories. Grab a barbell and stand in front of it, shoulder-width apart. Grab the barbell with an overhand grip, push your butt backwards with your back stretched, and tilt your upper body forward from your hips. The back should always be slightly arched, and the head should remain in the extension of the spine. Now it’s time to tense your buttocks. When standing up, bring the barbell close to your body and breathe out. Barbell deadlifts are one of the most effective fat burning exercises.

But how do you calculate the optimal weight for the barbell? Beginners should start with a light weight and see how many repetitions are possible until the muscles tire. This fatigue should occur after 12 to 15 repetitions without rest. If this is not the case, add weight. In about 12 minutes, you can burn 100 calories with barbell deadlifts, depending on your individual body weight and fitness level.

3. Barbell squats: really work out in just 12 minutes

The thighs, buttocks, calves, torso, and shoulders are particularly stressed during barbell squats. And that really boosts fat burning. To do this, position yourself below the dumbbell bar. The barbell should be at the level of your shoulder girdle; only then can you lift the barbell out of the dumbbell stand. From a hip-width position, push your buttocks backwards and bend your knees as much as possible. Important: Always push your knees outward; do not collapse inward!

Barbell squats

Now push yourself back explosively from the squat into a standing position. Your upper body should remain as upright as possible the entire time, and your elbows should remain under the bar. The squat is the supreme discipline of barbell exercises. Here, too, 12 minutes are enough to burn around 100 calories with this fat burning exercise.

4. 14 minutes of lunges makes up for 100 calories

This fat burning exercise trains the leg muscles and is also a pretty good calorie burner. Whether with or without weight, lunges are highly intense. From a hip-width position, place one leg forward with a wide step. Bend your front leg and bring the knee of the back leg as far to the ground as possible. The upper body remains upright. Then push yourself back into a straight position and start again with the other leg. When it’s really hot and burning, you can literally feel the calories disappearing.

In just 14 minutes, you can burn around 100 calories with this workout.

5. In less than 15 minutes on the leg press, you’ll start burning fat.

The leg press is also one of the favorites among fat-burning exercises and is also very suitable for beginners. When done correctly, not only all leg muscles are trained but also a firm bottom. The movement sequence is simple: Sit on the seat cushion, lean your back, and place your feet hip-width apart on the footplate. Toes, knees, and shoulders form a line. Now pull yourself as close to the plate as possible and release the safety. Important: Never start or stop at a 90-degree angle. Depending on the device, you push yourself away from the plate, or the plate away from you. Caution: In order not to put unnecessary strain on the knee joints, the legs should not be fully extended at the end of the movement, and the knees should never fold inward, as with squats.

By the way, with the leg press, you can train different muscle groups depending on the position of your feet. Place your feet shoulder-width apart in the upper third of the footplate so that the buttocks and hamstrings are particularly stressed. Positioning the feet in the lower third of the plate leads to increased strain on the quadriceps in the thigh, but also to greater strain on the knees, so caution is advised here. In 14 minutes, you’ll have easily burned 100 calories with this extremely effective exercise.

What’s the point of a fat burning workout?

With these 5 fast fat burning exercises, you can burn a maximum of calories in under 15 minutes. And when your body burns more calories than you get from your diet, you end up with a calorie deficit. This means that the body gets its energy from its reserves and burns unwanted fat. In other words, you lose body fat. In addition, our 5 fat burning exercises primarily train large muscle groups, such as the thighs and buttocks, which increases your basal metabolic rate, i.e., the energy your body uses at rest. So even when you do nothing, you burn more calories in the long term.


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